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Maison Bréguet, a 5-star eco-friendly hotel

With a view to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our planet, Maison Bréguet places the utmost importance on respect for the environment and the well-being of its customers and employees.

The best environmental practices of Maison Bréguet

Zero Plastic in the room: returnable glass water bottles, recycled aluminum Oxygen Water cans, and Terre de Mars amenities in large containers.

Installation of two water fountains

Wooden room cards for rooms and suites

Partner of the "Hôtels Solidaires" association, which collects, sorts and distributes aid to the underprivileged.

Relaxation area with chair and flower pot Maison Bréguet Paris

the ecological commitments of the maison breguet

Sort and compost all waste that can be recycled

Limit waste of resources: water, energy and food

Use of eco-friendly, refillable products

Forging links with local partners and players

Serve fresh, local and seasonal produce

Letting customers choose to change their towels and sheets during their stay

Forging partnerships with committed associations

Favour environmentally-friendly materials for renovations

Digitizing services for a more sustainable consumer experience

Surround yourself with employees who share this common vision

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raising awareness of ecology among our teams & customers

Our customers benefit from our Maison Verte advice and our "Paris Nature" concierge service, encouraging them to use public transport, or to discover the capital's parks and green spaces. We work in partnership with Guest Mobility to offer our customers the possibility of renting two electric scooters directly from Reception.

Our teams have procedures adapted to each position to ensure that eco-gestures are respected in their day-to-day tasks.

We inform our customers about all the alternatives for reducing their car journeys: eco-friendly vehicles, Vélib' stations, public transport.

We prefer to use natural, certified materials and natural paints for all our renovations.

ecological and sustainable resource management

Our faucets and showerheads are equipped with aerators to save water.

Our consumption meters are checked regularly to ensure waste-free management of usage.

We have dual push-button flushes that allow you to choose the amount of water to be poured out according to your needs.

Our rooms are equipped with à la carte power supplies, so lights, heaters and air-conditioning are switched off when the rooms are unoccupied.

Our technical installations avoid wasting water, and we reuse rainwater in our wastewater circuits.

Our teams carry out rigorous sorting, separating glass, packaging, compost and general waste.

We use natural, non-corrosive ozone water for our cleaning processes, which is transformed back into water and oxygen, and can be discharged with no impact on the environment.

We minimize our use of plastic and paper, and check-in and check-out are digitalized.

community involvement

Our restaurant works with local suppliers, offering ultra-fresh, ultra-local farm produce direct from responsible producers.

Our restaurant team has developed a partnership with Too Good Too Go, a company that fights food waste by reselling uneaten breakfast pastries and breads at lower cost.

In partnership with Les Alchimistes, we have set up an ecological and solidarity-based recycling system for our compost.

an establishment committed to environmental protection

We favor French products for our furniture, and offer our in-room customers products made from recycled materials that respect our environmental charter.

Our Terre de Mars natural vegan cosmetics are certified organic and eco-labeled.

The excess energy produced by the hotel's air-conditioning and electronic equipment is used to heat the swimming pool in a closed water circuit.

Our sheets are changed at the customer's request. We only change towels if they are left on the floor.


Our chef works in collaboration with several French producers and actors, using fresh, quality produce.

Our restaurant works with Alain Milliat, who restores the artisanal tradition of premium fruit juices and tasting nectars. The fruit juices are served in glass bottles, and for exotic fruits, the fruit pulp is transported by boat.

We aim to source all our meat and fish exclusively from France by 2025.

Our restaurant regularly prepares a seasonal menu, based on the market and with a view to expanding our range of vegetarian and vegan menus. Whenever possible, our teams offer our customers products from suppliers with ecological and/or organic labels.

Our menu is crafted with seasonal produce, in partnership with local producers such as the Coopérative des Citrons de Menton, a recognized cooperative known for its specificity and excellence.

We recycle our glass and plastic bottles.